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At New Life, our kids experience safe, age-appropriate environments where they learn about Jesus in a creative and relevant way.
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Get to know Sam.

I had minimum ministry experience before starting at New Life in 2021. By trade, I am a hairdresser. By the Grace of God, he allows me to do children’s ministry. God gave me a big idea for Rising Arrows, and after the church allowed me to run with that, I knew He had bigger plans in ministry for me. New Life has been my church family for a long time. I feel very honored to work and be blessed by the congregation of this church! 
I wasn’t always a strong Christian. I always knew God but didn’t always allow Him to walk alongside me. I didn’t own my first Bible until I was 26. Once I started reading His word, and what His will is for my life and others, my world changed! My mission within our church is to create a safe place for everyone to come and learn about Christ just as they are. I love seeing people grow closer to God and start living out His word.
Our family is two boys, two dogs, and a Doug! We have two very active little boys, Vince and Nix. Doug is the head of the Recreation department for the City and stays busy with that! 
My hobbies would include eating, sleeping, shopping, and golfing!