Sermon Guide

A Light For My Path

April 14, 2024

Pastor Bobby’s sermon explores the significance of trusting and living by God's word, using Psalm 119:105 as a focal point. The sermon underscores the power, reliability, and clarity of the word of God, emphasizing the necessity of obedience to truly understand and benefit from it. The sermon prompts individuals to move beyond passive listening and embrace active obedience to experience the transformative impact of God's word in their lives.
1. How can we learn to trust in the power of the word of God and incorporate it into our lives?
The message emphasized that the word of God is inspired by the Holy Spirit and is the power unto salvation, providing everything needed to understand God's grace and salvation through Jesus Christ.
In what areas of your life do you struggle to trust in God's word, and how might you turn to scripture for guidance and strength in those moments?

2. Why is it important to not only listen to God's word but also obey it?
In the message we heard that trusting in God's word requires more than just listening to it. It necessitates obedience and action, which leads to discovering its authenticity and receiving its blessings.
What are some practical ways you can practice obedience to God's word in your everyday life?

3. How do we see Jesus as the central figure throughout both the Old and New Testaments? 
Pastor Bobby highlighted that the Bible is not only a set of rules but a comprehensive means of communication through which God reveals Himself, pointing to Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh.
What are some examples of passages from both the Old and New Testaments that point to Jesus, and how can we use these passages to deepen our understanding of Christ's work?