Sermon Guide

A Light For My Path
April 21, 2024

The sermon underscores reflecting on scripture's importance, especially 2 Timothy 3:10-17, for spiritual growth. By highlighting Paul's teachings to Timothy and emphasizing scripture's transformative power, the sermon urges humility, consistency, and marveling at God's word. The church is encouraged to dive deeper, ask good questions, and let scripture guide their lives to fully grasp the gospel's significance.
1. Why is reflecting on scripture essential for spiritual growth?
In the sermon, Pastor Bobby shared a study that found reflection on scripture to be necessary for growing in the fruit of the Spirit.
What are some ways you can personally improve your reflection on scripture in your daily life?

2. What are some practical ways to dive deeper into God's word?
Share an example of a time when you went beyond the surface level of a scripture passage. What insight or lessons did you gain?

3. Based on the sermon, what are the benefits of consistent engagement with scripture?

The sermon highlighted a study that showed benefits such as increased memorization, discipling, and sharing of faith through consistent scripture engagement.
How can you incorporate consistency in your own Bible reading and study habits? What tools or resources can you use to facilitate this consistency?