Sermon Guide

Two Paths

April 7, 2024

The sermon "Two Paths" by Pastor Dan highlights the importance of choosing the right path in life based on Psalm 1. One path leads to blessings by delighting in God's word, while the other path leads to destruction for the wicked. Pastor Kruse emphasizes the significance of seeking godly counsel, delighting in the Bible, and meditating on it regularly. By walking in the way of the Lord, individuals can experience spiritual vitality, transformation, and success in their relationship with God and others.
1. How can we identify and avoid walking in the counsel of the wicked?
In the sermon, Pastor Dan spoke about the importance of seeking godly counsel and avoiding the advice of the wicked.
Can you recall a time when you followed ungodly advice? How did it impact your life, and what did you learn from the experience?

2. What does it mean to delight in God's word, and how can we cultivate this delight in our lives?
Pastor Dan emphasized the need to find joy, pleasure, and happiness in the Bible and knowing that God loves and delights in us.
What specific steps can you take to make reading the Bible a more enjoyable and meaningful experience?

3. How can we practice meditating on God's word in our busy lives, and what benefits can we expect from this practice?
The sermon discussed how pondering God's word slowly and allowing it to sink into our hearts can bring blessings and transformation.
What challenges do you face when trying to spend quality time with God's word, and how can you overcome them?

4. In Psalm 1:3, the verse describes the blessings of being like a tree planted by streams of water. How does this metaphor apply to our spiritual lives?
Pastor Dan talked about the blessings of fruitfulness, perseverance, and prosperity that come from delighting in and meditating on God's word.
In what specific ways have you experienced these blessings in your own spiritual journey, or how would you like to experience them in the future?