Sermon Guide

Names of God 

February 25, 2024

In this sermon, Pastor Bobby focuses on Jesus' teaching in Matthew 6:25-34 during Lent, urging Christians to trust in God's provision as their Heavenly Father. The sermon explores the nature of worry, its common triggers, and ways to combat it by remembering God's care and control. By emphasizing the futility of worry, Pastor Bobby encourages listeners to seek God's kingdom, trust in His provision, and find peace in the present moment. The sermon concludes with a prayer for God's guidance and strength to overcome worry and focus on His care.
1. Why is it important to remember God as our 'Heavenly Father' in relation to our worries?
The sermon highlights the importance of remembering God's control and care in combating worry, focusing on the name 'Heavenly Father' mentioned in Matthew 6:25-34.
What are some practical ways we can remind ourselves of God's control and care in our lives when we are overwhelmed with worry?

2. How can the examples of birds and flowers in Matthew 6:25-34 help us understand God's care for us in comparison to them?
In the sermon, Jesus uses birds and flowers to illustrate how God takes care of the natural world and assures us that as his children, we are even more valuable to him.
What are some specific situations in your life that you've seen God's care and provision?

3. How can understanding the distinction between stress, fear, anxiety, and worry help us in managing our worries more effectively?
Pastor Bobby explains the differences between these four related terms, emphasizing that worry is the internalization of an external problem and involves ruminating and trying to control things that are beyond our control.
Can you identify which of these (stress, fear, anxiety, or worry) is the most prevalent in your life and how understanding that difference has impacted how you manage it?

4. What are some practical strategies for focusing on the present and trusting God's provision for tomorrow, as Jesus suggests in Matthew 6:25-34?
The sermon suggests focusing on present joys and trusting God's provision for the future can alleviate worry, inspired by Jesus' teaching that worry does not add a single hour to one's life.
What is one present joy you can focus on this week and how can you specifically trust God for your future worries?

5. How did the stories from the book of Exodus mentioned in the sermon help illustrate the concept of relying on God's control and care?
Pastor Bobby recounts stories from Exodus to demonstrate what happens when people forget their heavenly God, emphasizing that when we forget God's control and care, fear and worry take over.
Can you think of a situation in your life where remembering God's control and care resulted in worry being replaced with peace and trust?