Sermon Guide

Names of God
March 24, 2024

Pastor Kruse's sermon "Names of God" about Jesus as King highlights his humble servant nature by riding a donkey into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Jesus came to suffer on the cross for humanity's sins and offer salvation. The sermon urges surrender to Jesus as King for spiritual salvation and the example of giving up worldly success for a life of service.
1. What does it mean for Jesus to be a compassionate suffering servant, and why is it important?
Pastor Dan discusses how Jesus came to suffer, and through his suffering on the cross, he offers salvation.
How can you find comfort and strength in Jesus's example of suffering in your own life?

2. How can seeking, serving, and surrendering to Jesus as our King lead to a full life and joy?
The sermon highlights the importance of recognizing Jesus as our King and surrendering our lives to him.
In what areas of your life can you seek, serve, and surrender to Jesus more fully?

3. Think through the concept of spiritual salvation as opposed to the political salvation people expected from Jesus.
In the story of Palm Sunday, people believed Jesus would save them from Rome's political power, but he came to offer spiritual salvation.
What does spiritual salvation mean in your life and why is it important?