Sermon Guide

Resurrection Stories
March 31, 2024

The sermon "Resurrection Stories" delves into three instances of Jesus raising the dead, focusing on grace, love, and power. The stories in Luke, Mark, and John highlight Jesus' compassion, care for individuals, and authority over death. Pastor Van Otterloo stresses the transformative impact of Jesus' resurrection on believers' lives and challenges them to embody grace, love, and power in their own actions. By reflecting on these themes, listeners are encouraged to embrace the new life and power made available through Christ's resurrection.
1. How does the story of Jesus raising the young man from the dead in Luke 7:11-17 demonstrate the grace of Jesus?
In the sermon, Pastor Bobby Van Otterloo highlighted that Jesus offered his help to the widow and raised her son from the dead, even though she didn't ask for it.
What are some ways you've experienced God's grace in your own life, and how can you extend grace to others in similar situations?

2. In the story of Jairus' daughter found in Mark 5:21-24, what does Jesus' response to the woman with the bleeding condition teach us about his love?
The sermon emphasized that Jesus took the time to address the woman's needs despite the urgent situation, demonstrating his love and care for each individual.
How do you make time to show love and care for people in your life, especially those who might feel overlooked or unimportant?

3. Why do you think Jesus delayed his journey to see Lazarus in John 11, and what does this reveal about his power over death?
Pastor Van Otterloo explained that Jesus allowed Lazarus to die and be buried for four days to showcase his power in raising him from the dead, emphasizing hope in resurrection and eternal life.
How does knowing that Jesus has power over death change the way you approach difficult situations and fears in your own life?

4. How can you live your life in accordance with the resurrection power found in the empty tomb? 
The sermon encouraged listeners to embrace the truth that they have walked out of the tomb in resurrection power, experiencing new life and power through Christ.
What are some practical steps or habits you can implement in your daily life to remind yourself of the resurrection power and live it out?