Sermon Guide

A Light For My Path
May 12, 2024

Word of God is near, transforming believers to care for unbelievers. Emphasizes importance of sharing faith through actions, becoming light of the world. Urges congregation to impact others, live boldly for Christ, and pray for courage and joy.
1. What does it mean for the Word of God to be alive and active in our lives? 
Can you share a personal experience where the Bible has truly spoken to your heart and brought about a change?

2. How can we ensure that our actions and character are reflecting the transformation Christ has made in our lives?
What are some specific areas in your life that need improvement in order for others to see Christ's transformation in you?

3. Why is it important for our faith to be professed through both our words and our actions?
What are some ways you can be more intentional about sharing your faith through both your words and actions?