Sermon Guide

A Light For My Path
May 5, 2024

The message focuses on Proverbs 4:10-19, emphasizing the importance of protecting our hearts through wisdom and understanding God's word. Parents are encouraged to lead their children in spiritual wisdom and training, teaching them to make wise decisions and understand the fear of the Lord. The sermon highlights self-awareness, the impact of choices on character, and the need to guard against temptations by actively reshaping our lives. It concludes by stressing the importance of respecting the Bible for its wisdom, teaching it to shape character, and following Jesus as the ultimate example of obedience.
1. How can parents play a significant role in shaping their children's character according to the sermon?
The message talked about the responsibility of parents to read God's word and instruct their kids in spiritual matters.
What are some practical steps that parents can take to create a spiritually enriching environment at home?

2. Why is self-awareness important in guarding our hearts?

The sermon mentioned the importance of understanding our own temptations and taking proactive measures to guard our hearts.
How can you become more self-aware of your own temptations and make changes to guard your heart?

3. How can we follow Jesus as the ultimate example of obedience?
Jesus was described as the one who lived the life we were called to live and died the death we deserved.
What characteristics of Jesus' life could you strive to emulate in your own actions and decisions?